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Phone security

What is the newest and biggest cyber security threat to reach the businesses of America? Hint: it can fit into the palm of your hand! That’s right, that little phone that you can’t keep your eyes off in your down time can be a huge cyber threat. As our phones get more advanced, and more people work while on the go, it makes things easier for malicious users to get onto these precious little devices. In this week’s article, we will examine this threat a little more closely.

The number one threat is actual theft of the device. Its much easier for a would-be thief to just swipe your phone off your desk than to remove a desktop or laptop from your workplace. There’s lots of spoils to be had on your phone: credit card info, personal phone numbers and pictures, and locations. The good news is this issue can be easily remedied. Keeping a close eye on your phone, as well as keeping your passwords more complicated than “1,2,3” can help decrease the chances significantly. Some mobile devices also have the option to remotely locate your device or to wipe the device. These programs might just save your data in a bind.

Another gateway to issues could be applications. Using approved apps (either on Google play or Apple store) is a good way to go, because Google and Apple have decently strict policies on what is allowed on their stores. Also forbidding jailbroken phones on your network can be a good idea. “Jailbroken” phones are phones that mobile users have changed to allow certain programs and software and usually compromise the security of the system. The compromised system, if connected to a business network, can pose a threat, as the malware on that device could spread to the rest of the network.

Although they do pose a decently large threat to cyber security, mobile devices do provide some good things for the business world. They allow us to work on the go, making it easier for our clients to reach us, and for us to be able to do work while not at our desk. The trick is doing it safely, while minimizing the risk to ourselves and the companies we work for.

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