New Features and Tips!

​New Office Features

New Office Features

As we all know the world of technology is constantly changing. It can be difficult to keep up with the surge of information coming at you. This week’s article will help with that. We will be going over some Microsoft office updates that you may not know about.

Autosave feature

Have you ever spent hours working on a document, only to forget to save your changes?Thankfully, OneDrive has a solution to this. If you have a current Office 365 subscription, when you save it to OneDrive it should be automatically be set to autosave to that same location. Be sure to click the “Autosave” tab in the top left of your screen. You can also set the amount of time in between saves, from as little as every 5 minutes to once an hour. To set this, click on the “file” tab, then down to “options”. From here, click on “save”, and from this page you can edit how often you want the application to save your progress.


Another new interesting feature added into Word, Excel, and PowerPoint is a translator. This built in feature lets you translate from whatever language you want to another. Simply click on the “review”, then over to the “translate” button, then you can choose to translate one section or the whole document. After this, pick the desired translation language and you are set! This feature could be particularly useful in areas with multiple languages used.

Accessibility Checker

One more cool feature added into Word, Excel and PowerPoint is the ability to check the accessibility of documents. This feature allows you to check to be able to see how well the document will be seen by others and on other versions of Word or PowerPoint. In order to use this, click on the “review” tab, then go to “check accessibility”. It will then run a quick scan on the document to make sure that it passes all the checks.

Microsoft is constantly tuning the office experience. Stay tuned for more updates!

If you have any questions about any of these updates, please give us a call at 509.433.7606 or submit a service request online at

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