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Printer Life Hacks

Printers: that one device that you love to hate. Whether you like It or not, we are heavily reliant on these devices in our modern world. We here at SimplepowerIT have a few good tips and tricks that will help you with these annoying appliances to get the most out of them.

Low Ink

Ever get the “low black ink” notice and don’t have time to replace the black ink at that moment? Instead of using black, go ahead and use dark grey or blue! It will look almost the same and does not require black ink to be used.

Utilizing Grayscale

Having the issue of too much color ink being used? Whether you know it or not, when printing on an all-black document, your printer is using some color in it. To prevent this, go into the settings and change it to “Grayscale”. This tells the printer to specifically use black and white only.

Cheap Paper & Cartridges

You get what you paid for right? Well that saying rings true on printers as well. With paper, if you go for the cheapest paper, you generally get the lowest quality. With low quality, you get subpar cutting (usually not uniformly cut) which can lead to paper jams. This subpar paper also gives off heavier quantities of dust, which can lead to more jams. With paper, go for the quality over the quantity. The same goes for cartridges. Some printers are accepting of cheaper third-party refills while others are not. This is due to a chip on the ink cartridge that due to manufacturers request, only allows certain ink brands to be used, so keep this in mind when buying ink.

Toner low

Toner low? Before you properly dispose of it, try one thing first: remove the toner from the printer and give it a good shake over a trash can. This helps the powder stir up, and sometimes can help it last a little longer before you must replace it.

I hope these quick tips were useful and helpful to you and help your printer work and last longer.

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